• Structures of Rationality,Kaipur, India, December 2009
    Paradoxes of Interactive Rationality
  • Groningen Logic Colloquium, November 2009
    Intention Based Belief Revision
  • Computational Social Choice Seminar, November 2009
    Levels of Knowledge and Belief (slides)
  • LORI 2009 Tutorial Day, October 2009
    Tutorial: Logics of Rational Interaction (slides)
  • TiLPS Logic Seminar
    A Dynamic Logic of Intention and Belief (slides)
  • Logical Methods in The Humanities, March, Stanford, 2009
    Godel's Proof of the Existence of God (Part 2) (slides)
  • Symbolic Systems Colloquium, Stanford, April 2009
    Interactive Epistemology (slides)





Editing Duties

  • Subject Editor for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Logic, Rationality and Computation (with Johan van Benthem and Olivier Roy)
  • Benedikt Loewe, Eric Pacuit, and Jan-Willem Romeijn (Eds.), Foundations of the Formal Sciences VI:Reasoning about Probabilities and Probabilistic Reasoning, Studies in Logic, College Publications (2009).
  • Thomas Agotnes, Johan van Benthem and Eric Pacuit (Eds.), Special issue of Synthese: Knowledge, Rationality & Action "Logics of Intelligent Interaction", Volume 169, Number 2, July 2009.
  • Johan van Benthem and Eric Pacuit (Eds.) Special issue of the Journal of Logic, Language and Information "Temporal Logics of Agency", forthcoming in 2010 (articles currently available online)
    • Editorial Introduction (PDF)
  • Editing a special issue of the Journal of Philosophical Logic containing selected papers from LORI 2009.


The following is a list of workshops/conferences that I helped organize.